Cedar Knoll Farm Draft Horses

Cedar Knoll Draft Horses

Cedar Knoll Farm prides itself in being the home of very beautiful and personable Percheron draft horses. Our horses are accustomed to city traffic, street noises, and large public gatherings, and are safe and trustworthy in all kinds of situations. Below are some pictures and descriptions of the horses currently available for your event. Click HERE to download our brochure insert that gives you more information about our horses!
White Percheron Fashion


Diesel is hands down our farm's most stately - and most famous - horse! He has appeared in Macy's Parade, at celebrity weddings, on TV, in films, in magazines and at other high profile events throughout the years. Diesel may be used single (shown here on our black vis-a-vis) or paired with another horse.

Photo credit: Rebecca Yale Photography for Style Me Pretty Magazine

See pictures of our horses in the Macy's Day Parade with Joan & Melissa Rivers HERE.

Dolly Percheron


Dolly, our black Percheron mare, is happy to work single or paired with Diesel. She looks stunning on our white vis-a-vis or Cinderella carriage, and makes a statement on our black vis-a-vis for a very formal look. She is a quiet, personable horse for any occasion, and loves to be photographed!

percheron draft horse white


Whitey is a quiet, personable horse who, as his name implies, is pure white. He is perfect for weddings, baraats and other formal events where white horses are preferred. He is shown here paired with Dolly, but enjoys working single, too. See our BARAAT page for baraat and Vidai pictures with Whitey.

Photo credit: Stacy Smith Studios



Dexter is our newest horse, and is being paired with Dolly for an all-black team. He is a quiet, well seasoned, beautiful horse.


Hank & Harvey

Beautiful Percherons still in their early dappling stages, Hank & Harvey will, over the years, dapple out more and eventually turn white!




Harry is a very personable, quiet horse that is accustomed to just about all kinds of events. He is generally paired with Diesel for a team of all-white horses.

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